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fire alarm system company in dubai

fire alarm system company in dubai

fire alarm system company in dubai

fire alarm system company in dubai for all supply, installation and maintenance services for fire alarm systems and fire fighting systems in Dubai. Contact us now by calling us and we are fully prepared to receive the requests of our valued customers at any time. We are keen to gain their trust and satisfaction, as this is our first goal. And to be their first choice when looking for professional fire systems in dubai in this field.

best fire alarm system company in dubai

best fire alarm system company in dubai through our company. Call us now and get a price quote. fire alarm systems provide an opportunity in the place to contain the fire, the speed of fighting the fire, the speed of people leaving the place, and the basic components of the system:

  1. sensors or fire detectors.
  2. manual button.
  3. audio and visual alarm unit (horn – siren – bell – indicator light).
  4. control Board.
  5. network of pipes and cables.

Types of fire detectors

  • Optical Smoke Detector is often used in slow-burning fires and in paper and wood warehouses. It is used in places where there is (in the normal case) smoke, dust or fumes, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. It is of two types. The first type is Reflective (Scattering-Light) that detects by scattering light. The second type (Beam (Obscuring-Light) is detected by blocking light.
  • Ionisation Smoke Detector for rapid fires and high power fires. The dual detector (optical and ionic smoke detector) is used in high-value places to be protected, such as computer rooms and others.
  • Heat Detectors are often used in places where fumes, smoke or dust are naturally used in boiler rooms, kitchens or laundry.
  • Detector Heat Temperature Fixed It is used in places where changes in temperature occur, such as near large windows or in industries that produce temperatures.
  • Beam Detector is used in high altitude places such as warehouses, open areas for shopping, barns and places without ceilings. It is used in places where there is infrared or electric arc.
  • Duct Detector is used in the adaptation pipes. The detector is installed on the air pipes leaving the system to detect any fire inside the air-conditioned rooms.
  • Multi Detectors combined optical and heat are detectors that mix heat detectors with smoke detectors and are used in vital places such as electrical rooms
  • Gas Detector These detectors work in the presence of pipelines to transport gas and are focused near the pipes to detect any gas leakage.

fire systems in dubai

fire systems in dubai is shown on the site. Do not hesitate to contact us at your service at any time. We have been operating for many years and have a lot of experience in the United Arab Emirates.

The choice is made according to the purpose of the place, for example the kitchen. Avoid using smoke detectors due to the presence of fumes resulting from cooking. Places where smoking is permitted We must either use smoke detectors or adjust the sensitivity of the detectors to smoke. Bathrooms and places that have steam, we often install them in the bathrooms, but in the event of a desire to install, we must avoid using smoke detectors due to the presence of water vapor. Areas with a high percentage of dust. Factories with a percentage of dust during manufacturing or the like. Also, avoid using smoke detectors, as they will be affected by dust. Places with exhaust (exhaust from machines or cars, for example, garages). Avoid using smoke detectors so that they are not affected by car exhaust. Areas near roll-up windows avoid the use of smoke detectors. The electric room usually uses both types of heat and smoke detectors to ensure rapid detection of the presence of a fire by fire alarm system company in dubai.

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